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I help women

who are Small Business owners and Influencers manage and implement actionable tasks to increase productivity and generate revenue faster.



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Complimentary Discovery Call

This is step one of taking your business to new heights.  A Discovery Call is necessary to work with me because it will give you an opportunity to explain your needs and goals and allows me (as your business Project Manager) to understand and determine the level of assistance that I will provide. Schedule your complimentary call NOW!

Women Colleagues

Business Strategy Sessions

Strategy Sessions are an integral part to  your business.  It allows you to dump every idea in your head and create  a plan for those that are best for your business.  Schedule your Strategy Session today.



We offer three Management Services that will assist you in business organization, revenue generation and product development.  

Hi there,

I am Michele and I am a MASTER PROJECT MANAGER.

Anyone can start and own a business, but it takes a specific person to Master the art of managing the business so that are it's organized and profitable.

For the past 10 years, I have been in the"Corporate World" making millions of dollars for companies and not getting what I deserved in return. But that's Corporate America right?  We make the money and get a small percentage.  Can we normalize not settling for the small percentages? Anyway, it's time for you to get your business organized so that you can see profits faster. 

Are you ready?

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